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Wothouq is a group of people who have been active in humanitarian work for many years in different locations in Europe, especially at Europe’s external borders. We have assisted in building up and sustaining various projects. Our core team consists of a student of Arabic and Italian literature, two law students, a psychologist, a communications specialist/activist and a lawyer/human rights activist. 


We have all experienced migration either directly through our own exile or through our work as activists. The planning and organization of Wothouq was created by a network of active supporters in Europe and Turkey. A few months before the EU-Turkey deal came into effect, we met on Lesbos where we witnessed the massive changes created by the deal in Greece. The reports about refugees arriving to Greece gave us a better idea about the major deficiencies in the state protection system for refugees in Turkey. 

In the recent years during research trips to Turkey, a stable network of close persons and groups have developed. Following our efforts to document developments first hand and to collect information, we can conclude with confidence that the situation in Turkey has deteriorated dramatically. 

We therefore have come together with a number of groups, affected persons, and other individuals to come up with the idea of this project and have founded the association Wothouq e.V. (Arabic meaning: confidence).


Our Partner Organization 

Suriyeli Mültecilerle Dayanisma Dernegi (SMDD) is a non-political, nonprofit, humanitarian association, based in Izmir in Tureky. This NGO was officially registered in Turkey in 2013. SMDD managed to build a large network among the Syrian community in order to respond efficiently to their needs. The main objective is to provide basic needs through clothes and food distribuiton as well as information and counseling. Currently their works furthermore circles around generating awareness on the situation of refugees in Turkey among the host society in order to tackle myths leading to prejudice and consequently to social tension.

Syrian Refugees Association in Izmir

This Association was established and officially licensed on 21.08.2013. It was founded as a result of the displacement of over 200,000 Syrian refugees in the Turkish city of Izmir. Its aim is offering relief and protection to refugees and to improve the integration with the Turkish host community.

Activities and events since the beginning:


A: Joint work contract with Mercy Corps. Through this contract, financial support was provided to poor families.

B: Joint work contract with the French organization, WAHA (Women's and Health Alliance), for child and women care. Through this project, thousands of children were screened and provided with the necessary treatment and distribution of toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby milk and diapers. Additionally, around hundreds screenings were given to pregnant women and providing them with the needed treatment. They also distributed women's diapers, as well as follow-up and psychological counseling for many cases among women and children. 


They also opened and offered Turkish language courses that benefited many refugee women. In the duration of this contract, appointments were taken to patients from government hospitals and interpreters were provided to thousands of patients.

C: From  the assistance of multiple Cooperation Projects, hearing aids were provided along with multiple ear examinations were conducted for the patients.


D: Supporting eye care project was offered. Hundreds of patients were examined and received treatment. As a result, hundreds of eyeglasses were distributed.


E: A cooperation with Rotary association that provided wheelchairs, blankets for families in need, and distributed food baskets.


F: In cooperation with the Association of Musicians, a children's band for creating songs and singing was established.


G: Establishing a football team.


H: Joint cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent that conducts health and social seminars as well as conducting awareness campaigns for pregnant women and how to care of newborns and other related subjects (such as early marriage, etc.).


I: A cooperation with the Izmir Municipal Council in many fields, such as strengthening women, combating drugs, and medical tests to detect early breast cancer.


Wothouq and SMDD Cooperationn

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